Flat Roofing Maintenance Tips

warranty information roofingIf you own a commercial building, odds are high it has a flat roof. Flat roofing systems are excellent for large structure’s like warehouses, churches, shopping centers, restaurants and more. But they require special maintenance and repairs to ensure the longevity of the materiel installed. Keep in mind that first and foremost, your roofing system will only last if has been properly installed. Shoddy installation or short cuts taken during installation will impact your roofing system’s lifespan greatly.

The following are some quick flat roofing maintenance tips:

  1. Limit the amount of foot traffic: Although flat roofs are much safer to walk on than steep slope roofs, they still should not be walked on frequently unless specifically designed for foot traffic. Unsure if your roofing material is meant for foot traffic? Consult with one of our roofing contractors to learn more about the amount of foot traffic your roofing system can withstand. Walking on certain materials will mean rapid deterioration of the material.
  2. Keep it clean: Flat roofs have a tendency to gather debris. But the more dirt, leaves, branches, etc that are left on your roof, the fast deterioration will occur. Over time these items can also increase the dampness on your roofing system and possibly even cause permanent damage as plants try to take root in the debris.
  3. Trim back trees: If there are overhanging trees on your property, trim back the branches. Even sturdy branches that do not break onto the roof can scrape across the roofing material in wind and cause severe damage to the material.

If you notice your flat roof is already damaged, please contact us right away for a thorough inspection and repairs. We can also discuss a new system installation if it is simply time to upgrade! We look forward to being the experts you call for all your flat roofing needs!