Why You Should Inspect your Roof for Storm Damage

Has a recent storm severely damaged your commercial roof? Not sure if a hail storm damaged your roof or not? Whether you have obvious commercial roof damage or are not sure, a thorough inspection and prompt repair is critical. Here’s why:

Ensure Safety

Lightning Storm

Wind and Hail can Damage Your Roof, so Inspect it Thoroughly after a Storm

Tornadoes, high winds, hail and rain can do serious damage to your commercial roof system and even threaten collapse. Depending on the severity of the damage, your business may need to close until your roof can be fully repaired for the safety of your tenants or employees. If the damage is isolated, you may only need to close off a designated area. However, when your roof has suffered serious damage, a comprehensive inspection is critical to make sure that your building is sound and safe.

Limited Time to File a Claim

If your area received heavy hail and high winds, but your roof looks unharmed, you should still have a professional contractor assess it. If there is any damage, you likely have a limited window of opportunity to file an insurance claim. In many cases, hail or wind can cause minor damage which will develop into major leaks and problems in the future months. By the time a serious problem comes up, it may be too late to file a claim, so inspect your roof right after a storm.

Prevent Later Problems

Hail is an especially pesky problem that can cause unexpected trouble. Though your roof might appear unharmed after the storm, it could have unseen damage that can create serious issues down the road. This will cause it to wear faster, lose its protective coating, develop leaks and mold growth, and more. If surrounding homes, property, or other structures have sustained storm damage, it is wise to have your roof thoroughly inspected just in case.

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