Preventing Ice Dams on Your Roof

Ice dams don’t look like threats; they may even look pretty in winter. They are the walls of ice that appear on the edge of your roof. They occur because melting ice and snow on the roof move downward, only to freeze when they reach the roof’s edge. However, they can cause roof damage. It’s best to prevent ice dams on your roof this winter, and here are some tips to help you do that.

Preventing Ice Dams

The best way to prevent dams is to prepare your roof for winter. Begin by cleaning your gutters. This will help prevent the moist leaves from building up, freezing, and creating a barrier against water that is trying to move off your roof.

Ice Dam and Icicles on Roof of House

Follow Tips for Preventing Ice Dams on Your Roof.

Then, make sure that your attic is properly ventilated. If it remains cool and ventilated, it is less likely to cause excess water runoff that builds into an ice dam. When you insulate your attic floor, that helps to reduce the heat that rises from inside your home and into your attic.

If your home has snow or ice on it, do what you can to clean it off as soon as you’re able. If you need extra help cleaning your roof, call a professional. Even moist leaves gathering during the fall can create the potential for ice dams, so clean those off, too.

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