Recognizing Roof Storm Damage

storm damage roofs

Has your roof been damaged by recent storms?

When a storm tears through your neighborhood, many different things can be damaged, from your home to your vehicle, your fences, and more. Generally speaking, your home’s roof will take the brunt of the damage when a storm hits, so it is a good idea to be able to identify roofing damages for yourself. Today we will go over the various ways you can assess your roof for storm damages.

Hail Damage

Hail damages are more subtle than you might think. For areas such as skylights or windows, the glass may shatter, but for areas such as your shingles, there are different problems you’ll need to keep an eye out for. For example, while the top of the shingle may only show a slight dent, the lower layer of the shingle is likely broken. The impact of small, hard, and fast objects such as hail can break the fiberglass backing of your shingles, which leaves the roof vulnerable to leaking.

Wind Damage

The wind is also fairly damaging to your roof, and can cause your roof to be torn off, whether from the edges, or areas that are weakened. For example, if your roof is missing a shingle, this provides an exposed edge that powerful winds can catch on, which in turn allows the wind to tear off large sections of the roof. If you recognize any lifted, crooked, or torn off shingles, make sure to have them repaired ASAP.

Water Damage

Water damage is also very common in rain storms. If you notice any leaking areas, or areas that still appear to be wet long after the rest of the roof has dried, this can indicated water damage, and you should have it addressed by an expert ASAP.

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