Summer Maintenance Tips for Commercial Roofs

In the warm months of summer, small damages to your roof can become big problems for you. To help avert this crisis, make sure you are completing proper Summer maintenance and repair to your roofing system. These simple steps can not only keep your roof working longer, but it can save you money on serious roof repairs.

Summer Maintenance Steps

First, check all seams and seals for separation from walls, vents, or other fixed areas. Separated seams or seals with caulk can be a recipe for leaking and sun damage.

Check the entire surface for age spots that could look thinned or faded. These spots have compromised protection against the weather, the sun, and other elements, and should be repaired as soon as possible.

Inspect your roof for any signs of moisture. This could be from standing water, running water, or even condensation build up. Water in your roofing system is a precursor to disaster. Any water should be promptly removed, and any damaged areas should be repaired and resealed.

Lastly, take notice of your roof’s general condition. Check for rips, wear and tear, and any issue that could cause weakening of your system.

Roof coatings are a fairly inexpensive way to protect your roof from the outside elements and can be applied easily during your Summer inspection. These coatings protect against weather, rot, mold, UV rays, and even water.

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