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Built Up Roof Installation

Built Up Roofing Is One of the Oldest Roofing Methods and Adds Extra Layers of Protection

We know you care about your business, you pour your blood, sweat, and tears into it, but you can’t remember everything, and a lot of the time people forget about their roof until it’s already causing problems. How long has it been since you replaced your roof? A leaking roof can have devastating consequences when it comes to the health of your business. The experts at R.B.T Construction Roofing Division have a passion for all things commercial roofing. With years of experience, you know that you can trust them to install your new built up roof in Texarkana, TX. Built up roofing is in many senses the work horse of roofing. Although an older process it is by no means out of date, and in many instances is the best option for protecting the structural integrity of your building. So when you’re looking for the company where honesty, integrity, and quality matter call your hometown experts of R.B.T Construction Roofing Division at 903-691-0931. We’ll be happy to talk with you about all of your roofing options.

What is a Built Up Roof?

Built Up Roof

We Use Tar Paper or Tar To Create a Built Up Roof.

Built up roofing is the process of building up or applying several layers of tar paper and tar to create a waterproof barrier protecting your business. After several layers have been applied the whole thing is covered in gravel to protect it from the elements.

  • Tar Paper- Tar paper is a very thick paper that is used in construction. The main advantage to using tar paper is that it is waterproof. Tar paper is created through the infusion of tar with paper or fiberglass mats.
  • Tar- Tar is a very sticky, and very thick black liquid. It is incredibly useful in the manufacturing of roofs because properly applied it creates a waterproof barrier. Tar is created through the decomposition of different organic materials.

Why R.B.T Construction Roofing Division?

R.B.T Construction Roofing Division has been providing excellence in the Ark-La-Tex for over a decade. Although originally part of Trumble’s Construction,  R.B.T. shifted its focus in an effort to provide better quality service and product to its customers. So when you’re looking for a built up roof in Texarkana, TX call the experts of R.B.T Construction Roofing Division today at 903-691-0931.