Common Flat Roof Problems

Flat Roof Problems

Awareness of a Few Common Problems Can Greatly Extend the Life of Your Flat Roof.

A flat roof represents an excellent choice for a commercial structure. Not only do they save an immense amount of money as compared to peaked roofs, flat roofs benefit from an impressive array of roofing materials specially designed for the needs of businesses. Of course, to receive the highest return on your flat roof investment, you must remain aware of common issues. Pay attention to the following flat roof problems, and call for commercial roof maintenance if and when they appear.

Ponding Water

One of the most common problems with flat roofs, ponding water can cause serious damage. As the ponds persist, they can weaken the seams on your flat roof and encourage moisture problems and leaks. Roof ponding can have a variety of causes, including clogged drains and improper sloping. Before you have the ponds drained, determine the cause to prevent future occurrences.

Blisters and Erosion

Bubbles or blisters appear on flat roofs due to the entrapment of moisture. Erosion of your roof can occur through sun damage, or just general wear and tear. Not all of these issues deserve immediate repair. Ideally, you can trust the opinion of a preferred roofing contractor to know when blisters and erosion warrant repair or restoration.

Punctures and Tears

These problems occur most often due to foot traffic. Punctures and tears in your flat roof membrane need immediate attention, as they allow for the passage of water. You can help control their development if you limit access to the roof, or create dedicated walkways.

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