Help! My Flat Roof Has A Leak!

Photo of leakYou’re inspecting your commercial building when suddenly you see a puddle on the floor. After a bit of investigation, you realize the leak is coming from your roof! Roof leaks can happen for a number of reasons, including poor installation. Without the proper drainage, installation, and material, your roof can be more susceptible to damage and leaks than you may think. If you find your roof has a leak, the first thing to do is not panic. Schedule a repair with your local roofer for your commercial roof. If your roofer cannot come to complete the repair as quickly as you’d like, there are some more steps you can take while you wait.

Tips To Deal With A Leak

Leaks Should Never Wait

While some leaks may be smaller than others, all leaks can cause intense damage to your commercial property. This means that no matter how slow or small the leak is, you should deal with it once it comes to your attention. It is important to contact your local roofer as soon as you can and have the leak fixed quickly.

Find The Source

Determine the location of the leak by accessing your roof. This can help you direct the roofer later. You can also take note of the cause of the leak, such as debris, damage, wear and more. With this information, your roofer can tell you how your roof needs to be repaired.

Move Your Product

Make sure any product, displays, or important materials are moved away from the site of the leak to prevent damage. This can save your property in the long run. You may also want to place a bucket to catch leaking water at this stage.

Photograph Any Damage

With all assessment taken care of, photograph any damage you have taken from this incident. This will make it easier for insurance claims and damaged product within your property. Photographs will also be useful for your roofers later.

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