How To Maintain Your Commercial Flat Roof

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Keep Your Flat Roof Clear And Free From Debris

If you are a business owner, you likely have a commercial flat roof to worry about! Most commercial buildings can be found with quality flat roof systems, but despite how common they are, this roof type can be susceptible to a variety of damages. In order to avoid major repairs or a shortened lifespan of your commercial roof, it is vital that you maintain your roof properly. Of course, maintenance can only help your roof if it was installed properly in the first place. A professional flat roof installation is the first step in maintaining a healthy roof.

Your commercial flat roof requires special maintenance to keep it in top condition!

Cleanliness Goes A Long Way

For many commercial building owners, the aesthetics of the roof are a fairly low priority. However, the flat design of a commercial roof can leave it susceptible to gathering debris, such as leaves, dirt, and event trash! Buildup of these debris can cause mildew and mold to grow, and the moisture gathered in the debris can lead to rapid deterioration of your roof system. To prevent debris buildup, be sure to trim back trees around your roof, and check for buildup frequently.

Limit Time Spent On The Roof

Many commercial building have roof access that you and your employees may enjoy. However, unless your roof is designed for foot traffic, such as a modified bitumen roof, you should avoid walking on your flat roof. Regular foot traffic on a roof that isn’t designed for foot traffic will quickly deteriorate your roofing material.

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